When web reviews are a simple Google search away, it is vital that you safeguard your brand. What is your strategy to do so? Great branding is more than creating memorable names for your products (and we can help with that too). It is about making sure every customer interaction reinforces a positive perception of your products and your company.

Web Development

One of the first stops a customer will make when gathering information about your products and services is your website. So how do you incorporate it into your sales process? Does it present information they want in a convenient, compelling way? Does it present a professional and positive representation of your brand? Have you employed search engine optimization (SEO) to help your web site get found?

SEO Strategy and Content

Search engine optimization strategy is continually evolving, but one fact stays constant: Making your website easy to find is meaningless unless you have content that will help prospects make an informed buying decision once they get there. We have proven ourselves capable in marrying these two critical pieces of the puzzle.

Social Media

Social media can be highly effective in creating a conversation with your customers and prospects, as well as maintaining your position as an expert in the marketplace. But how do you deliver your message without resorting to clickbait or come-ons? We’ll give you an honest assessment of whether social media will provide dividends for the time invested, as well as recommendations on which channels would be most effective.

Public Relations

Public relations is about leveraging media relationships to build positive perception among buyers and enhance your reputation. Additionally, a comprehensive PR strategy (as well as a crisis communications plan) will help ensure the media gets your message right the first time.

The alternative to managing your message is to allow others to control what is said about you. With your reputation in the balance, what do you choose?

Video and Narration

Providing potential customers with educational resources is vital in today’s YouTube world. Whether you do videos in-house or engage with an outside partner, we can provide as much service as you need, including narration from national voiceover professionals, on-camera spokesmen and even coaching for your in-house subject matter experts on how to convey your message more effectively.

Sales Process Improvement

Good marketing will only do so much, unless you follow up with a sales process that is a positive buying experience for your customers. We can help you develop strategies that bridge the gap between marketing and sales, with the goal of shortening the time it takes to nurture a prospect in the sales cycle and assist them when they are ready to make the decision to purchase.

Customer Intelligence

Are you listening to what your customers and prospects are saying? The most successful companies have big ears and maintain two-way communication with them. We can help you design customer feedback mechanisms into your customer engagement process that keeps the conversation open.

The end result is actionable business intelligence, better customer retention and improved word-of-mouth referral, which strengthen your brand and improve your bottom line.

How are we different from the many marketing companies that claim the same?

The Difference a Little Nectar Makes

We are customer forward, not tool forward.

We’re interested in trends, but not fads.

We embrace innovation but reject gimmicks.

We use the lessons of today to plan for tomorrow.


So how do these principles translate into a better client relationship?  Because there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to B2B marketing.

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