Who We Serve


Nearly 70% of industrial and B2B want to do their own product research and they’re very wary of being sold.  We can show you how to invite them into a conversation and provide them with information that helps them make an educated buying decision. That’s customer engagement.


No matter how exceptional your products are, you must be able to speak in terms that customers can understand. We’ll talk with your engineers to learn the technology, then speak to your sales people to identify with a prospect’s motivation to purchase.

Ad Agencies

If you’re an ad agency that would like expert assistance with technical writing, voice-over or on-camera talent, get in touch with us. We’re happy to collaborate with your team and develop a great working relationship.

Graphic Designers

Whether you’re a graphic designer, video production company or other creative professional, Nectar Strategic can provide you with the written words, the narration or the on-camera talent to convey your client’s message. Let’s chat and see what great ideas we hatch together!


Are you not sure whether we can help you? Feel free to get in touch and ask. We offer workshops on how to make more engaging videos, how to present more effectively and how to develop a marketing plan that achieves results.