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If you’ve been trying to figure out the best way to set yourself apart from your competition or how to more effectively convert your prospects into customers, you’ve come to the right place.

Nectar Strategic is a marketing communications firm designed to help you build your brand and enhance your reputation. Using our customer engagement methodology, we’ll help you tell your story and deliver a clear, compelling message to your target audience, moving them through the sales cycle, no matter how complex your product offering is.

While other companies chase customers, use Nectar to bring them to you.

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What is Customer Engagement Marketing?

Your customers have busy lives and an overabundance of information jockeying for their attention. Portable computers, smartphones and a plethora of other gadgets are crowding our daily lives. And with the advent of commercial-free subscription radio and DVR’s for television, audiences are sending you a loud message: The days of saturation advertising are over.

Buyers want to make purchasing decisions on their own terms. Rather than snazzy ads or pushy come-ons, they want helpful, credible documentation that lays out the case for your product.

Yes, you can make a favorable impression on consumers without breaking the bank. And without yelling at them. You can have compelling marketing information that creates desire in a customer and nurtures them through the sales process. We call this process Customer Engagement Methodology.

It can be done, and we’d like to show you how to do it.

We Ask the Right Questions

Nectar Strategic is the firm that combines strategic planning and creative imagination to help you achieve greater impact with your target audience. Rather than beginning a relationship with a particular tool or tactic in mind, we start with an open mind and learn about you:

Who is your ideal customer today?

Who is your ideal customer tomorrow?

Where is your market sweet spot and how is it changing?

What do your customers say about you?

What do your competitor’s customers say about you?

How does your product offering differentiate you in the marketplace?

How do your customers find you and make a purchasing educated decision?

Why would someone become your customer for life?

Why would someone recommend your products to others?

These are some of the questions we ask to formulate a picture of your universe. If you don’t know the answers to certain questions, that’s okay – we’ll help you figure that out too.

What is Your Plan?

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